52 Project – A Day in the Life

For Week 5 of the 52 Project we were tasked with documenting a day in the life of our furry friends. I thought this would be simple as Ellie and Blue have three main hobbies – eating, sleeping and staring at you. As it turns out they are much busier than I thought. Here it is – a day in photos!

Before work
(prior to these images they ate breakfast, but Mommy was too lazy to get up and take photos of it.)
getting ready for the day

After work
getting their exercise

At dinnertime
Ellie tries to eat Blue

Relaxing downstairs
get off my bed

Relaxing upstairs
again get off my bed

It seems they live a fairly difficult life with their multiple beds, bones and toys all over the house. Head up north to see what a day looks like with Connecticut Pet Photographer, Kathryn Schauer Photography. Click through until you end up back here. Stay warm!

  1. 31st Jan 2014

    so cute love the story boards

  2. 01st Feb 2014

    Love the way you organized your post pictures. And the bed in the last one shows evidence that you’ve got double trouble! Nice work!

  3. 01st Feb 2014

    Love seeing how close they seem to be. Yes, quite spoiled! 🙂

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