52 Project – April Showers bring May Flowers

Since this week was in both April and May our photo group was tasked with photographing either April Showers or May Flowers. This past week has certainly presented opportunities to choose the showers, but I would rather keep myself, my camera and my dog dry, if possible. Ellie and I went out hoping to find the Iris Garden in bloom at Ellington Agricultural Center (since Blue looked so handsome in the garden last year for the Colors of Spring post). Alas, upon arrival it appeared that all the storms over the last couple weeks had blown the flowers away in the Iris Garden. We scouted the area and located a field with some wildflowers. Ellie was more interested in the construction workers nearby than in the photo shoot, but she is good at looking pretty even if it’s not in the direction of the camera.

Ellie likes contstruction workers

Ellie in the flowers

Ellie basking in the sun

Travel around the blog circle to see who found flowers and who had showers starting with Central Massachusetts Pet Photographer, Sue Collura . Enjoy this first weekend in May!

  1. 03rd May 2013

    Ellie does look so pretty in the wildflowers! She looks like she’s posing even if she is really looking at the construction workers.

  2. 03rd May 2013

    She looks so happy! I love the shot with her head buried in the flowers.

  3. Darci
    03rd May 2013

    Ellie looks like she is enjoying herself. Look at that smile!! Construction works can make a lot of noise, I don’t blame her being distracted. 🙂

  4. 03rd May 2013

    Ellie looks content, the wildflower pose was a great idea!

  5. 03rd May 2013

    That looks like some Weimaraner fun!

  6. 03rd May 2013

    Such a happy face!

  7. 04th May 2013

    That’s a wonderful expression in the first photo!

  8. 04th May 2013

    What a great location – and what a beautiful model!! Love it!

  9. 04th May 2013

    Ellie looks so cute hanging out in all the flowers. The one where she has her head in them makes me laugh but the one with her eyes closed is so cute, she looks like she is enjoying the sunshine.

  10. 04th May 2013

    Great location, nice job on this theme!

  11. Just beautiful – love the one with her smooshing her whole face in the flowers!

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