52 Project – Black & White ’14

After a brief hiatus I’m back with the weekly installment of the 52 Project. This week our task was black and white. I knew this was when I should jump back in as I just completed a semester long portfolio project that was entirely black and white. You can check out ‘The American Woof’ here.

For this week’s photos Blue participated in Vacation Bible School as a ‘Guard Lion’ this week so his black and white’s are of him being a scary lion in a cage and snacking on the bones of lesser animals.

Blue as Guard Lion

See what black and white magic Maryland Pet Photographer Bonnie Grower has this week. Remember to click through all the posts in the blog circle until you get back here. See you soon!

  1. 27th Jun 2014

    What a sweet lion

  2. 03rd Jul 2014

    that costume made me laugh! love it.

  3. Deanna
    03rd Jul 2014

    Blue looks adorable as a lion. That top left one cracks me up, “um, the lion wants to come out please.”

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