52 Project – Black & White

Happy Friday! Do not adjust your monitors, this week the blog circle has gone black and white. After a whirlwind tour of Atlanta this past weekend to attend a photography conference and photograph some Weimaraners I am tired, but not too tired to combine a sneak peek for Memphis & Chance’s family with the black and white assignment.

Memphis and his Dad

Atlanta Dog Photography

Atlanta Dog Photography
Head out to California to continue the blog circle with Laguna Niguel Pet Photographer, Mary Siani Photography

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  1. 25th Jan 2013

    Love how happy he looks in his Dad’s arms!

  2. 25th Jan 2013

    They both look so happy in the first photo! 🙂 Love that!

  3. 25th Jan 2013

    I love the second shot, the dog looks so regal.

  4. Betsy
    25th Jan 2013

    LOVE. THEM! I can’t wait to see all them!

  5. Karen Ramos
    25th Jan 2013

    Chance looks SO HAPPY with his dad. Great shots this week.

  6. 25th Jan 2013

    Sounds like a pretty good week. I really like the llines in that second one!

  7. Sharon Stokes
    25th Jan 2013

    Two gorgeous dogs and two really lovely images, Memphis looks like he could not be in a better place – so happy 🙂

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