52 Project – Bloopers

Our task this week was to show some bloopers or outtakes from a photo session of our choosing. I had a fun session in Brentwood last weekend with three energetic Weimaraners and two fluffy kitties. Here are a few bloopers from that session starring Aster, Sky, Sasha and Chopper. My personal favorite is angry kitty.

Dog and cat bloopers

Aster, in the top left, is very lucky to be in this great foster home and is currently up for adoption through Weimaraner Rescue of the South. See what other funny photos my colleagues came up with this week starting with San Francisco Bay Area based Photo Lab Pet Photography (who picked this fun theme!) See you next week!

  1. 19th Apr 2013

    Angry kitty is adorable and I love the last one too. The eyes on the dog crack me up. “Hey! Don’t bite me there!”

  2. Darci
    19th Apr 2013

    The butt shots and that last one made me laugh!! They are all very cute pictures.

  3. Karen Ramos
    19th Apr 2013

    I like angry kitty too! So funny. Love the photo of the two playing with each other.

  4. 22nd Apr 2013

    Oh that ANGRY KITTY! Love it! Love the kisses up top too.

  5. hahaha love the angry kitty – I always crack up when I’m in the middle of shooting and a kitty whips this face out.

  6. 03rd May 2016

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