52 Project – Blur 2

The chosen theme of week 23 of the 52 Project was blur. I went a little outside the box this week and interpreted the theme in the sense of blurred time. After 7 years here in Nashville the husband and I recently sold our first house. It seems like the years have blurred by and I am (skeptically) excited about what the future holds. When we bought this house Ellie was 1 1/2 and Blue hadn’t been born. We have had a lot of good and some bad times here. There are things we will miss greatly and things we can do without. I know that new memories, laughter and happy times are waiting for us in Franklin, but I will hold tightly the memories and life together created here. Ellie and Blue wanted to show you some of their favorite spots. Enjoy!

Out front

Ellie and Blue at the front door

By the pool

Ellie and Blue modeling by the pool

Blue’s favorite chair

Blue lounging in a papasan

In the bedroom (where Blue will creepy watch you from the hallway)

Ellie and Blue in the bedroom

See what other blurs were found this week starting with Newcastle Pet Photographer, Martin Swaffield. See you soon!

  1. 07th Jun 2013

    Unique take on the subject! Good luck with your move!

  2. 07th Jun 2013

    Aww, it’s always hard to make a move but I’m sure you will do great in your new home! Congrats on the move and we can’t wait to see what new spots they decide to love.

  3. Karen Ramos
    07th Jun 2013

    You’ve captured such wonderful memories. All the best with your new venture. Loving the photo of Blue in the hallway.

  4. 07th Jun 2013

    Moving is always such a hassle but has such potential for happiness at the other end. Here’s hoping it is as problem-free as possible. 🙂

  5. Darci
    10th Jun 2013

    Good luck with everything. We are thinking about moving too and just thinking about it stresses me out. 🙂
    Love your take on this week’s theme. That last picture made me smile.

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