52 Project – Body Parts

This last week of spring we were challenged to photograph body parts. I am hopeful that the only body parts that were photographed were attached to pets. In Franklin I met up with my friend, Riley, and he was a good little model both indoors and outdoors. Fortunately for me he was not afraid of the camera and frequently tried to sit on my lap for treats so getting up close shots was not a problem. Enjoy this cute guy!

Riley is a model

One of Riley’s brothers snuck into a shot

Collin snuck in

See what other body parts were found in other parts of the world starting with Tampa Bay Pet Photographer, Emma Grace Photography. Happy first day of summer and Happy 44th Anniversary to my parents!

  1. 21st Jun 2013

    Aw, they are both cute little guys! Love the middle shot of Riley and I think the shot of his brother is really cute too.

  2. 21st Jun 2013

    Gotta love the end of a tail!

  3. 22nd Jun 2013

    I like them all but really like the upper right ‘end’ photo. Made me smile!

  4. Darci
    26th Jun 2013

    Love that 2nd picture in, we call that “frog legs” in our house. Love when they lay like that. Great pictures!

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