52 Project – Bridges

I am excited to be involved in a weekly photo project called 52 Project with other pet photographers around the world. This group originated through Beautiful Beasties Network, a website and forum made for pet photographers by pet photographers. This site has been a huge source of knowledge as I sharpen my skills. While trying to get a small business off the ground sometimes you forget to do important things like continue to take photos everywhere, all the time. The 52 Project is a good nudge in the right direction. Each week one of the Members will chose a different photo topic for the group to focus on that week. Every Friday the Members will post their best photos representing the topic to their blog. This week the topic is Bridges.

I was all pumped up to have my blog up and jump right in to the Week 5 topic – Bridges. Most of the big, impressive looking bridges in Nashville are not all that pet friendly or pet safe. The options appeared to be limited, but after some thought the family piled into the 4 Runner and headed to Crockett Park. We dropped off Tim and Blue, who were knocking out a 5 mile run. Ellie and I found a good parking spot and started walking toward a bridge…or so we thought. A mile later it was determined we may have taken a wrong turn, possibly when we got out of the car. We u-turned, made it back to the car and realized the bridge was less than a quarter of mile in the other direction. Upon arriving at the bridge (finally) it was less than impressive looking. The trees were all naked and the water under the bridge was no where to be seen. A few shots were snapped, but it was doubtful they would be blog worthy. In a stroke of genius we decided to walk a little further to what we remembered to be another bridge not too far away. A half mile later we found the ‘bridge,’ which turned out to be more of a cement walkway with some water. Again photos were taken. Finally arriving back to the car this outing was deemed a failure (except for the exercise). We picked Tim and Blue up 45 minutes late and were discouraged at our lack of magical photo opportunities.

Saturday’s disaster almost led to giving up on the bridges assignment, but I bucked up and gave it one more shot. I’m glad I did. This time Blue got the nod and off we went to Ellington Agricultural Center to sniff out their bridges. The light was better, the walk was shorter and the scenery much more appealing. Blue was a good little model who gladly accepted his treat and tennis ball rewards. Hope you enjoy and come back every Friday for a new topic!

"Nashville Pet Photographer"

"Sweet Silver Photography"

"Nashville Pet Photography"

"Sweet Silver Photo"

Now check out Ann Kearns take on bridges http://www.annkearns.com/2012/02/52-project-week-5-bridges/. Keep on looking until you end up back here. Have fun!

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  2. 03rd Feb 2012

    Great shots!

  3. 03rd Feb 2012

    It sounds like you had quite the adventure! I love the second shot… what a good pup! Welcome to the 52 Project!

  4. 03rd Feb 2012

    Very handsome little model you’ve got there. I’m glad you finally found yourself a pretty bridge location! Welcome to the 52 Project. 🙂

  5. 03rd Feb 2012

    Wow – great job shooting in daylight!

  6. 03rd Feb 2012

    Tenacity – the word of the day. Welcome to the Circle and I am diggin’ the shots – especially that second one! Give Blue a cookie from “Aunt Peggy” and I’ll check back in next week : )-

  7. 03rd Feb 2012

    Beautiful photos! I’m so glad you managed to find the right location 🙂 Blue looks like he was being such a good model. Welcome to the 52 Weeks Project!

  8. It looks like the bridge you finally found ended up being just perfect! What a cute little red bridge. Also – your model is gorgeous! What a good pup posing so perfectly for you like that! Welcome to our happy little blog ring. So glad to have you! 🙂

  9. 03rd Feb 2012

    I am SO, SO, SO glad you didn’t give up, or we’d have missed out on these beautiful photos! Welcome to the Group . . . I can’t wait to see more of Blue 🙂

  10. tiffany
    03rd Feb 2012

    Happy to see you join the group. Can’t wait to see more images of Blue…you did a great job!

  11. Sharon Stokes
    03rd Feb 2012

    Certainly worth the second outing, well done. Welcome to the group and Blue is just lovely.

  12. 06th Feb 2012

    That last image is my favorite, what a stunning pup!

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