52 Project – Bubbles

In some confusing world called my iPhone I logged into Beautiful Beasties to see what the week 42 assignment was and saw ‘Fall.’ It seemed appropriate so I went with it. The family and I headed out to Barktoberfest last Saturday hosted by Nashville Paw Magazine. We had a great time and I got some adorable shots of pups in costumes. I logged in on Wednesday to post my link and then saw that the week 42 assignment was listed as ‘Bubbles.’ Apparently last week I looked at the assignment for 2012. My bad. So Thursday we set about taking some bubble photos. As it turns out Ellie and Blue – not so interested in the concept of bubbles. We made it work and did a few abstracts. Enjoy!

Blue was very wary of the bubbles

Blue does not like bubbles

Weims and bubbles

Don’t forget to check out my colleagues interpretation of bubbles starting with Share The Joy Photography, San Francisco, California. As it turns out the theme for next week is actually fall. Be sure to swing back around and check out fall in Middle Tennessee!

  1. Pavlina
    18th Oct 2013

    My older girls were not impressed, but my puppy loved to chase them. Fun!

  2. Karen Ramos
    18th Oct 2013

    I can’t wait to see the photos from Barktoberfest. Great job capturing the colors in the bubble in the photo on the bottom left. Also, the abstract photo of Blue with the bubble is really cool. Looks like he is glowing.

  3. 18th Oct 2013

    Great bubbles you have there – so big and colorful. Nicely done.

  4. 18th Oct 2013

    The first 2 are my favorites, bubbles in and out of focus.

  5. 18th Oct 2013

    Blue has a lot in common with my Jack and Julie this week – ‘wary’ was the word at my house too. Love how you incorporated them though! Really beautiful.

  6. 23rd Oct 2013

    Lol, I think Boo would be very wary of bubbles too. He sure didn’t like me blowing bubble with gum. You did a great job capturing the disinterest.

  7. 26th Oct 2014

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been thinking of incorporating bubbles into my pet photoshoots for clients. I think they will be lots of fun! Shall have to give it a try!

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