52 Project – Celebrate

In the spirit of the season the topic for this week’s blog circle is celebrate. This was a special Christmas for us as it was the first one we have spent with both Ellie and Blue in Nashville. We are usually traveling to see family and they are hanging out at home with the dog sitter. I went a little overboard with presents, but I think they liked them. My photos for this assignment are of Ellie and Blue celebrating the holiday opening their presents.

Nashville Pet Photographer
Nashville Pet Photography
Nashville Dog Photographer
Nashville Dog Photography
Christmas Pet Photographer
Christmas Pet Photography
Weimaraner Photographer
Please note I didn’t actually buy any of their presents at Victoria’s Secret, but have learned from past experience I should only wrap their gifts in bags I don’t care if they destroy! Take a few minutes to stroll around the blog circle and see what my colleagues found to celebrate this week starting with Unleashed! pet portraits in Victoria, British Columbia. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and enjoy a Happy New Year!

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