52 Project – Depth of Field

I’m glad to be back to my weekly Friday 52 Project post this week. The last two weeks were crazy getting things ready to travel to Pittsburgh, PA to be the Matron of Honor in a wedding for my very best friend from college. The wedding was beautiful. Congrats Karen & Ryan!

Pittsburgh Wedding

Back to 52 Project. This week we were assigned depth of field, which is the distance between closest and farthest objects in a photo that are in focus in an image. It was suggested we do a comparison of a shallow depth of field and an extended depth of field. This seemed easy enough until I realized I would need to get the dogs to sit still in between photos while I changed the camera settings. This ended up being much more challenging than I expected. You will notice the photos are not exactly the same as Ellie and Blue seemed to have ants in their pants.

Left Image – Shallow Depth of Field
Aperture – f/1.8
Right Image – Extended Depth of Field
Aperture – f/10

silly dogs play with dof

Top Image – Shallow Depth of Field
Aperture – f/1.8
Bottom Image – Extended Depth of Field
Aperture – f/11

Blue does DOF

And a bonus because I loved the sun and coloring in this photo (this totally would have fit last week’s theme of sun/lens flare).

Blue soaking up the sun

Take a stroll up to Candid K Nines, in Windsor Ontario, to see what fun depth of field photos are next in the blog circle! Follow the circle until you get back to these silly Weimaraners. See you soon!

  1. 27th Sep 2013

    Those last 3 are lovely – great bokeh on the first and terrific sunflare on the last!

  2. 27th Sep 2013

    My favorites are the double dogs. Dramatic and fun!

  3. 27th Sep 2013

    Love the bokeh in your main one – creamy!

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