52 Project – Details

Week 28 of this year’s 52 Project was focused on details. There are a lot of details about Ellie and Blue that I love. In fact, I photographed several of them for my portfolio project, which you can peruse here. While getting ready to setup a backdrop to photograph some new details my husband suggested I check out our saltwater aquarium for detail shots. I decided to do a little of both!

Top row from left: Big Nemo, Frog spawn
Middle row from left: Green star polyps, Sandy
Bottom row from left: Zoanthids, Katniss

Fish photography

Body parts of Blue Weimaraner including super soft ear, wet snout, smile crinkles and alarmed eye

Blue dog photography

Click around the blog circle to see what other details were found this week starting with Field and Ranch Photography, Dallas, Texas. See you soon!

  1. Pat Corl
    11th Jul 2014

    Oh my goodness, the “alarmed eye”!

  2. Karen
    11th Jul 2014

    I could totally see that body parts collage as a framed print on a wall somewhere. Nicely done!

  3. 11th Jul 2014

    wow love them great shots

  4. 11th Jul 2014

    Love that Weimie’s details! My favorite dog trainer has a beautiful Weimaraner with the same topaz-colored eyes. Gorgeous shot of the eye. And I love the salt-water creatures.

  5. I love the details – it’s the part of my own pet photography sessions that I really enjoy.

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