52 Project – Digital Darkroom

The topic of the week is digital darkroom. The description was – go play in your digital darkroom on images of your choosing and find a way to add value [whatever that means to you, a little or a lot] to what your camera saw. Show your before/after or include a general description of what went into your processing (no need to reveal your secret recipe) or somehow make it obvious that your processing made the difference. This sounded like fun and I do love playing in Photoshop with the endless possibilities.

Time got away from me this week or I would have more photos. 95% of my time this week went to completing my final project and studying for my final exam for my Lighting II class. I wrapped that up this afternoon and am excited to announce that next Tuesday, May 8th, I will be graduating from Nashville State Community College with a Technical Certificate in Photography. It took 3 years and a lot of sacrificed night and weekends, but one class at a time it got done and it was totally worth it. I have learned so much from the fantastic teachers at NSCC and I can’t thank them enough for their dedication to their job. It is still to be determined if I will be back there in the fall to work toward finishing my Associates Degree or if I will be focusing more on photography work. Either way it was a great experience that caught me totally off guard. From one summer class on Digital Photography until now it’s been a learning and growing adventure I won’t forget. Now on to this weeks photo.

Blue Does Sunsets – Original

Erie Pet Photographer

Blue Does Sunsets – Edited

To create the edited version I cloned out the leash, added contrast to his front eye, added the nature effect action by Maoilla, bumped up the overall contrast, bumped up the overall color, added the Enchanted action by ivebeenaddictedtoyou, added a soft diffusion and sharpened. I loved the effect as I thought it made the image look bright, but warm, as if the last burst of sunlight was shining on him over the horizon. This was shot last July at Shades Beach on Lake Erie.

Swing around to see what has been brewing in the other photographers digital darkrooms, starting with North Carolina Pet Photographer, Steph Skardal. Keep rolling around the blog circle until you end up back here.

  1. 04th May 2012

    Kelly, Congrats on getting your Certificate!

  2. Sharon Stokes
    05th May 2012

    Blue is such a beautiful boy, in any light 😉 love your edit. And congrats on finishing your certificate.

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