52 Project – Dogs In Our Lives

The 52 Project task for this week was centered around a poem:

We aren’t house-proud.
If we were, we wouldn’t abide the scratches on the door-frame, the holes in the screen, the darkened shine of worn spots on the chair.
We would wince at the mottled carpet and fret at the hair clinging to our clothes.
We don’t.
If anything, we lovers of dogs are a tolerant lot, finding greater value in the unabashed affection of our friend than immaculate sofa’s.
Shoes can be replaced, but heroic retrievers are timeless.
Without dogs, out houses are cold recepticles for things.
Dogs make a fire warmer with their curled presence.
They wake us, greet us, protect us, and ultimately carve a place in our hearts and our history.
On reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.
– Paul Fersen, Orvis Associate

This poem has a lot of truth in it and I’m glad it was shared. Our goal was show how dogs were in our lives without actually showing the dogs (I might have cheated a tiny bit). Little did I know that someday I would find the household damage useful. Enjoy!

The Good

Nashville Dog Photographer
Dog Photography
Sweet Silver Photography
The Bad

Nashville Pet Photographer
Tennessee Pet Photographer
And The Adorable (she sneaked into the shots)

Nashville Pet Photographer
Pet Photographer

Now go and check out what everyone else has in their houses thanks to the dogs in their lives starting with Charleston Pet Photographer Dana Cubbage. Follow the blog circle until you end up back here.

  1. Sharon Stokes
    16th Mar 2012

    How cool is her toy box with her photo on it! What a great idea.

  2. 16th Mar 2012

    I like your take on the theme Kelly! Nice work.

  3. 16th Mar 2012

    Ah yes, the household destruction . . . I was very careful not to share those images, just in case the other people in my home were not already aware of the damage!!

  4. 16th Mar 2012

    Hahaha! I loved that you included the sneak in shots! My cats kept walking into the frame as well. Love the photos and take on the theme 🙂

  5. 17th Mar 2012

    LOVE that last photo!

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