52 Project – Fall

This week the assignment actually is fall rather than last week when I just hallucinated that was the assignment. I like the cooler weather, but I wish we could have had a month of the mid to high 60s. At least it’s not snowing here. After getting some great pumpkins at The Cooper Trooper Foundation pumpkin patch last weekend Ellie and Blue strutted their stuff. Ellie was a good sport balancing the pumpkin on her head briefly. She then promptly let it roll off and break. Blue decided to start wearing his pumpkin stem hat early since he hasn’t picked a costume for this year yet. If you have ideas for his costume let him know in the comments!

Coyle dogs love fall

Here are the much anticipated photos from Franklin’s Barktoberfest hosted by Nashville Paw Magazine. There were so many more cute dogs in costumes, but mine were only so patient with my frequent stops to take photos. Blue did stop in the kissing booth with me briefly!

Dogs in costumes

This guy was my favorite at Barktoberfest. Pancake the Corgi was dressed like Russell from Up. His Dad told me he had his own tumblr page and after checking it out I saw Pancake and his friends won first place in the Barktoberfest costume contest! See Pancake and his Dad’s costume here. Pancake also has an instagram #pancakethecorgi. There is some serious cuteness to be found on his tumblr and instagram.

Cute corgis in costumes

Take a stroll around the blog circle to see what fall looks like around the globe starting with Laura Mclean Photography in Sarnia, Ontario. Enjoy the cooler weather if you’re getting it!

  1. 26th Oct 2013

    These are wonderful. I so look forward to your posts each week!!

  2. 31st Oct 2013

    Great costumes! Looks like a really fun day. Nice job capturing the spirit!

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