52 Project – Favorite Book

Our mission this week, if we chose to accept it, was to photograph our favorite book portrayed by pets. This initially seemed difficult and was confirmed to be difficult upon attempted completion. The one thing that was definitely accomplished during the photo shoot was affirming to the neighbors that I am a crazy dog lady. There is really no other explanation for the setup in the yard. I’m unsure if I am supposed to tell you what book it is, but hopefully you can figure it out. Here we go:

Ellie as Mary

Ellie and Blue as Mary and Joseph

It might have been easier to go with Harry Potter. Take a look around to see what everyone else came up with starting down under with Pup & Co Photography, modern pet photography in Brisbane.


Briefly Blue got confused and thought he was still working on shadows.

Blue is a shady character

  1. 24th Jan 2014

    These are so sweet!

  2. 24th Jan 2014

    got it! Love the baby moose.

  3. 24th Jan 2014

    Lol, “crazy dog lady”! Awesome. Fun photos.

  4. Gotcha! One of my favorite books, also! 😉

  5. 24th Jan 2014

    Nicely done! Love your book choice…and the shadow photo!

  6. 24th Jan 2014

    These are all wonderful! Would have loved to watch your neighbors. Love the baby moose!

  7. Karen
    24th Jan 2014

    I love their facial expressions! The baby moose made me giggle. Love it.

  8. 24th Jan 2014

    Beautiful portrayal of your favourite book! I guess we’re all a little crazy but that’s where the creativity comes from.

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