52 Project – Fixed Focal Length

The theme of the week is fixed focal length. The task was to use only a prime lens or a zoom lens taped down so you can only use one focal length. Blue and I had a location scouted out, but it didn’t pan out and we had to regroup. I think the spot we found is even better! Yet another hidden gem in Nashville’s Ellington Agricultural Center. I honestly don’t know where we are going to shoot when we move to Franklin. Enjoy Blue’s adventure!

These were shot with a 50mm 1.8 prime lens

Blue loves flowers

Blue made a new friend!

Blue loves the tin man

See what fixed focal lengths were used around the blog circle starting with Raleigh Pet Photographer, Tara Lynn. If your weather is anything like Nashville enjoy the heat and the rain!

  1. 12th Jul 2013

    What a pretty spot! I want that bottle tree… Blue is a champ, as always!

  2. 12th Jul 2013

    These are wonderful! My 50 has been gathering dust – you have inspired me to get it out!

  3. Karen Ramos
    12th Jul 2013

    The tin man is such a cool background piece. All you need is the yellow brick road. Beautiful shots this week.

  4. Darci
    16th Jul 2013

    Adorable pictures! Blue always makes for a great model.

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