52 Project – Grace

The 52 Project topic that was selected for this week was Grace. The description of the topic focused on the animal showing grace, but I decided to take it a different direction and photograph several dogs who are receiving grace. Each of the three dogs I met this week is currently available for adoption through Weimaraner Rescue of the South. This is the organization we adopted our dogs from and we have remained active with them since them. They do amazing work for Weims all over the south. Each dog that comes into rescue has it’s own story and most are hard to read. These dogs truly need someone to show them some grace and kindness. Although they might not feel lucky today, they are lucky to have found an organization that will work tirelessly to find them a loving foster and forever home.


Buddy is one energetic boy. He was busy running and jumping all over the place while I was visiting him. He loved treats and the trainers said he loves to play with tennis balls. A beautiful boy with a darker coat, he has a full length tail he was happily wagging feverishly. Don’t mind the raindrops on his ears as he sure didn’t seem to mind the rain. Buddy was abandoned at a high kill animal control facility before being saved by Weim Rescue. He is approximately a year old.

"Sweet Silver Photography"
"Nashville Pet Photographer"
"Nashville Pet Photography"

Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a timid boy at first, but warmed up after spending some time getting to know you. He is a young (15 months) dog who took his time checking everything out and eagerly sat for treats. Unfortunately for him we didn’t get to go play in the grass as the rain was pouring down. Blue has a sad story that accompanies him to the rescue. His family had a house fire in which he sustained several burns. The family then had to find someone else to live. Blue Sky was confused and kept trying to escape to return to his home. Afraid for his safety his family turned him over to a shelter. He is ready for another family to him.

"Weimaraner Rescue of the South"
"Nashville Dog Photography"
"Dog Photography"


Raylan is a sweet guy who was very interested in treats and playing outside. The rain let up for a few minutes and we got to play together in the training yard. He knew how to sit and stay, although the farther you moved away with the treat the less he wanted to stay. At approximately 4 years old he is small for a male Weim and is currently very underweight. Raylan and Abby were rescued together from an owner who was threatening to shoot them. It is apparent he was not fed properly and will be healthier once he gains some weight.

"Nashville Pet Photography"

"Sweet Silver Photo"
All three of these dogs are available for adoption. If you or someone you know lives in the southern US and is looking for a Weim to love go to the contact page for Weim Rescue. Special thanks to Greymont Kennel in Fairview, TN for letting me interrupt their Thursday to photograph these beautiful dogs.

By now you should know the drill. Take some time to go to the West Coast and see what type of grace can be found at Tails from the Lab. Follow the blog circle until you get back here and have a fantastic weekend!

  1. 09th Mar 2012

    Great images this week – thanks for volunteering with the rescue. I’m sure these photos will help them get adopted very quickly!

  2. 09th Mar 2012

    Awww, three beautiful dogs looking for families to call their own. I hope they find good homes that will love and cherish them forever.

  3. Sharon Stokes
    09th Mar 2012

    Lovely images of such beautiful dogs with such sad stories. I hope they all find fantastic homes, I’m sure they will. (If I could I would fly Blue Sky over here and keep him for myself)

  4. tiffany
    09th Mar 2012

    Great images…Blue Sky has a sad story, but know he will find a great family to love him forever.

  5. 12th Mar 2012

    Weims are so beautiful, and when you put these stories right next to your photos, the result is just amazing. I hope they all find loving homes soon.

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