52 Project – Groups

This week our mission was to photograph two or more dogs together in a group. I had the pleasure of spending some quality time in Franklin with my lovely black lab friends, Brooklyn and Queens, this week. You might remember them and their baby sister from a previous post on multiple pets here. They graciously agreed to be my ‘group’ in exchange for some pets and treats. It is a little frightening how much their personalities and dynamic mirror my own dogs. Queens is Blue – the high energy, attention loving model who easily poses in exchange for treats or squeaks. Brooklyn is Ellie – the aloof, I make the rules model who only poses when she feels like it or when she believes you will not stop annoying her until she does. If I had been planning properly I would have photographed Queens and Blue together to save some time and energy. In the end it was worth it because these ladies are beautiful!

Black lab sisters

And just because she was such a good listener Queens gets her own spread!

Pretty little lab model

See which of my fellow pet photographers wrangled the most pets this week starting with my friend, Karen Ramos, of Spotty Nose Pet Photography, Los Angeles, California. See you soon!

  1. 04th Oct 2013

    Such smilers! These are wonderful. My two pups are just like that personality wise too.

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