52 Project – Happy Face

This week our task was to capture our pets ‘Happy Face.’ This was an ominous task as the majority of the time that my crew is extremely happy they are also running around in a frenzy, which is difficult to photograph. Ellie and Henry (who’s still hanging out at Casa de Coyle) have the happiest faces when it’s time to eat. They are crazy about breakfast and dinner time. Don’t get me wrong – they are glad to see you when you get home, but food is the big winner. Blue likes to eat and is a pro at drooling while waiting for his food, but I think he is happiest when you get home, when he is going for a run, when he is going to the dog park or when he is playing with a tennis ball. Since it is winter and was raining all last week my best chance at capturing the happy face was at dinner time.

Henry’s Happy Dinnertime Dance!

Franklin Pet Photography

Franklin Pet Photographer

Take a peek at my the other happy faces captured by my colleagues this week starting with NCS Pet Photography in Windsor Ontario. Hope your loves (furry or not) treated you to a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. 15th Feb 2013

    So cute! Love the mid “dance” photo 🙂

  2. 15th Feb 2013

    A smile and a happy dance! Beautiful!

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