52 Project – Imitation is the Sincerest …

This week’s assignment was Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery. The instructions were to pick a photo we liked by another photographer, recreate and put our own spin on it. Based on time constraints I knew I would be picking a photo I could recreate in or around my house. When browsing for inspiration I usually look to William Wegman. Most of his images are elaborate and contain more props and patient Weimaraners than I own, but I knew there would be one if I looked hard enough. I hope you can see the sheer delight in Ellie’s eyes from getting to participate in this photo shoot.

My Image

Nashville Dog Photographer
Based on William Wegman’s Image

William Wegman Weimaraner

I had a very similar assignment for a portrait photography class I took in 2010. For fun here are the results of that featuring Blue Bear.

My Image

Nashville Dog Photography
Based on William Wegman’s Image

William Wegman Weimaraner
©William Wegman, via puppytalk.com

Who has the best imitation? To find out start with North Carolina Pet Photographer, Steph Skardal and cruise around the blog circle until you make your way back here. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. 30th Mar 2012

    I love the warm tones in your first photo. Wegman was the perfect choice for you!

  2. 30th Mar 2012

    I love William Wegman, too! Great job with the shots!!

  3. 30th Mar 2012

    That’s so awesome 🙂

  4. 30th Mar 2012

    I love your photos Kelly! GREAT take on Wegman’s work!

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