52 Project – Joy

Hello friends. I hope you had the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years! We are back with an all new year of 52 Project. I am a tad late to the party as the all new year started last week with introductions. Here are some quick intros (stolen from a previous blog post) for our resident pets before we get to this week’s assignment.

Ellie is our 9 year old Weimaraner who likes to eat, sleep and trick Blue into giving her toys. She is feisty and knows exactly what she wants. Whoever said dogs can’t tell time doesn’t know Ellie. She is serious about meal times and begins her precautionary warnings (which we lovingly refer to as drive-bys) about an hour before each meal. Our lives were forever changed the day we adopted her from Weimaraner Rescue of the South.

Nashville Dog Photographer

Blue is our 7 year old Weimaraner who loves tennis balls, running and looking innocent. He is always ready to go somewhere and do something. He uses his small stature and innocent face to convince us he never does anything wrong (which is not true). Blue has been a wild ride since we picked him up at 8 months old from Weimaraner Rescue of the South, but a ride that you just keep getting in line for even when it makes you a little bit dizzy.

Franklin Pet Photography

This week we were assigned the task of photographing joy. Since we hadn’t celebrated Christmas with Ellie and Blue yet (they don’t know the date, right?) we finished purchasing their gifts and let the present opening mayhem commence. Ellie is a full force present opener holding them down with her feet and pulling the paper off. Blue is more of a subtle present opener tearing one piece of wrapping paper off at a time. They were happy with their haul of a huge box of biscuits from Grammy & Grampy, two kinds of treats, a fancy treat jar and a puzzle toy.

Ellie and Blue open presents

We hope to see you back every Friday for another helping of cute pets on the 52 Project. Be sure to check out the joy captured in my colleagues posts this week starting with Georgian Bay Studios in Toronto, Ontario. Click through the blog circle until you get back here. Happy January!

  1. 10th Jan 2014

    yeah doggies and presents!

  2. Brilliant – I love seeing them open their pressies! Looks like they got spoilt too – surprise surprise 😉

  3. Judy
    11th Jan 2014

    Love the cover shot of the doggy opening a Christmas gift. Hard concept to capture, but you did it well. Especially like it in black & white.

  4. Pavlina
    14th Jan 2014

    My babies love to open their presents too. Sadly, they never care about the present but to play with the wrapper is the best toy ever! Cute!

  5. 15th Jan 2014

    Oh, how cute, dogs love presents too! Fun shots.

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