52 Project – Kisses

This week we are focused on kisses. It could be either the pet giving the kisses or the pet getting the kisses. I was fortunate that I got to spend this past weekend in Evansville, Indiana with a fantastic group of ladies who all love pets as much as I do. I was certain that with all the pets/foster pets in the residence (over 30) we could find someone to do some kissing. The gracious host, Aud, is one of the founders of Another Chance for Animals rescue group in Evansville. ACA is a volunteer run, foster based group that finds pets from the local animal control forever homes. Check out their website for current adoptable pets and look for a post on Monday with some adorable kittens that will be available soon through ACA. To get back to the kissing my adorable little model Beckett kissing his favorite kitty, Gizmo.

Nashville Cat Photographer

Nashville Cat Photography
Beckett and foster kitty*

Tennessee Cat Photography
Kittens kissing each other?

Tennessee Cat Photographer
*No cats or kids were harmed during this photo shoot!

See who else is sneaking kisses this week starting with Boston Dog Photographer, Kaylee Greer. Click through all the kisses until you arrive back here. Don’t forget to stop back by on Monday to see more of the adorable ACA kittens. Happy Friday!

  1. 20th Jul 2012

    These are so cute! I really love the expressions and colors in the first one.

  2. 20th Jul 2012

    Fabulous photos, K!

  3. Karla
    20th Jul 2012

    That’s about as cute as it gets. great photos.

  4. 20th Jul 2012

    oh my goodness that third one nearly killed me. LOVE!

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