52 Project – Lines

The task at hand this week was to photograph lines. Any sort of lines you could find or imagine. I wanted to find my lines at a playground, but some spring weather finally made it to Middle Tennessee and all the playgrounds were jam packed with kids. I think my backup location at Ellington Agricultural Center worked out quite nicely. Check out Blue showing off his lines!

Blue playing peek-a-boo

Blue at Ellington Agricultural Center

See who else is on the straight and narrow this week starting with Barking Lab Studio, Princeton New Jersey dog photography. Hope the bunny brings you lots of treats and you have a very Happy Easter!

  1. 29th Mar 2013

    What a great location! I love the second photo especially.

  2. 29th Mar 2013

    Beautiful brick and arches. Blue is such a pro!

    • admin
      29th Mar 2013

      Sue – I was so impressed with him on this shoot. I forgot my treats so he did these with only a few head scratches for a reward.

  3. 29th Mar 2013

    Lovely setting and beautiful photos!

  4. Mary
    29th Mar 2013

    I really love the brick and Blue’s expression cracks me up in the middle shot…he is so serious. 🙂

  5. Sharon Stokes
    30th Mar 2013

    Great images, I always look forward to seeing what expressions Blue will come up with and this week he is just as awesome as ever 🙂

  6. I love the top left one from the group – perfect for lines! Go Blue!

  7. 02nd Apr 2013

    Blue is such a great model. I really love the top left photo in the arches. Beautiful.

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