52 Project – Man’s Best Friend

Man’s best friend was the chosen topic this week for the blog circle. The Photographer who selected this topic, Melissa McCabe, said, ‘There’s something very special about a grown man unable to hide his depth of feeling toward his pet. Whether posing together, playing together, cuddling together, or even smooching his pooch on the lips – this week show the bond between a grown man and his pet.’ This bond and the gentleness in taking care of his dog is something that I loved about Tim very early on in our relationship. I like to tell him that his dog when we met, Amber, definitely helped win me over. I was always meant to be with a dog person. Here is the husband with our current puppy kids. Enjoy!

Ellie, Blue & Tim

Nashville Family Photography

Ellie is a Daddy’s Girl

Nashville Family Photographer

From the archives – Tim and Amber circa 2004


Find out what other sets of best friends my fellow photographers found this week starting with a lady I had the pleasure of meeting at a Cowbelly workshop in Seattle, Karen Ramos of Spotty Nose Pet Photography, Los Angeles, California. Enjoy your weekend as I am headed to Birmingham, AL, for Weimaraner Rescue of the South‘s annual fundraiser – Weim & Cheese!

  1. 08th Mar 2013

    So lovely to “meet” your other human half! I agree, there is nothing more attractive than a man who loves his dogs!

  2. 08th Mar 2013

    Lovely shots. My favorite is the one with just his and her face. Loved it!

  3. 08th Mar 2013

    Aww! I love the Weim kisses!

  4. 08th Mar 2013

    Pretty pups! I love the way they look on the deck, the similar tone is really nice.

  5. 08th Mar 2013

    These are great! I love watching Ben with our dogs too. There’s such an unspoken understanding between them. And they just adore him!

  6. Karen Ramos
    08th Mar 2013

    So many wonderful photos. My favorite is the one of Tim scratching Ellie’s ear. And the photo of him with Amber – priceless. Have fun at the the fundraiser!

  7. 08th Mar 2013

    what a great background for those first ones! so sweet 🙂

  8. 09th Mar 2013

    aw they love their daddy!

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