52 Project – Moods

This week the assignment for the 52 Project was Moods. If you want more details on what the 52 Project is check out this post. I was a little concerned when I saw the topic as it seemed very ambiguous. I thought about it for several days before determining I would just let Ellie & Blue decide for themselves what their moods would be for the photo shoot. After some naughtiness and some threatening to turn the car around we arrived at Centennial Dog Park. As far as I know this is the biggest dog park in Nashville and it certainly looked big with only four dogs inside. We dubbed this our 2012 inaugural trip to the dog park. Upon arrival we found ourselves accompanied by a chocolate Lab and a young Great Dane. There was a bucket full of tennis balls, lots of mud and room to run. Within 5 minutes Blue had lured an unsuspecting woman into throwing a tennis ball for him and Ellie had greeted all the humans. The mood of the day per the weather was gloomy, but according to Ellie and Blue there was much fun to be had!

Ellie’s Mood – Contemplative
"Nashville Pet Photographer"
Ellie’s Mood – Curious
"Sweet Silver Photography"
Blue’s Mood – Blissful
"Nashville Pet Photographer"
Blue’s Mood – Delusional
"Nashville Dog Photographer"
Head over to my friend Tiffany’s blog post at Haulton Photography to see what mood she was in this week! Remember to keep clicking through to see all the moods until you end up back here.

  1. Sharon Stokes
    17th Feb 2012

    looks like they had a great time. Blue looks to be quite a character.

  2. 17th Feb 2012

    A rainbow of moods on a gloomy day. I just love “delusional” – made me laugh!

  3. 17th Feb 2012

    I love this set of images. Delusional? Awesome!

  4. 17th Feb 2012

    Blissful — lol. Nice series. 🙂

  5. 17th Feb 2012

    Ellie is beautiful! So much to learn from dogs 🙂 and hahahaha! the images with mood descriptions are awesome, delusional was my fave hahaha!

  6. 17th Feb 2012

    Ha! Fantastic series and the thought of you saying “I’m gonna’ turn this car around…” 🙂 So funny! Great job.

  7. tiffany
    17th Feb 2012

    Great job- I didn’t realize Ellie was two toned….so cute!

  8. 17th Feb 2012

    Those photos are fabulous! I especially love deluded . . . poor Blue.

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