52 Project – Motivation

The topic for this week’s 52 Project is motivation and whatever that means to us. I decided that my post would focus on my motivation to do pet photography. My main motivations or motivators are my baby puppies, Ellie and Blue. When I started getting serious about photography I practiced on them because they were available, but it grew into something more. I wanted to capture their personalities, quirks, loves, friends, birthdays and everything else there was to capture. I wanted to have photos that showed everything I love about them because, even though I wish it wasn’t true, they won’t be here forever. At some point, several years ago, I realized that I could help in making these memories tangible for other pet lovers. More than anything else I hope that my clients will say that my photos captured their pets unique personality.

Last Saturday was one of my motivators birthday. Ellie celebrated her 8th birthday with a couple fancy treats from My Porch Dawg in Wilmington, NC. Lucky for her we brought them home fresh that day from the Salty Paws Festival we went to in Carolina Beach that morning. I also promised her a birthday photo shoot later this week. I know she was pumped.

Nashville Pet Photographer

Nashville Pet Photography

Nashville Dog Photography
I snuck in a shot of Ellie’s motivation!

Nashville Dog Photographer
Could she look any more excited?

Middle Tennessee Pet Photography

Middle Tennessee Dog Photography
Love, love, love this girl

Franklin Pet Photographer
Ellie wanted to give a Happy Birthday shout out to her siblings – Mousse, Tigerlily, Jaeger, Niles & Pepper! Here is the first picture we ever saw of her from Weim Rescue.

And a photo of Ellie, Tigerlily, Mousse and Jaeger at their 2nd birthday party in Birmingham.

Be sure to check out the rest of the blog circle’s motivation starting with modern lifestyle pet photographer Dana Cubbage, in Charleston, SC. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

  1. 26th Oct 2012

    Happy birthday, Ellie! I love the 3rd shot of her smiling in her party hat!

  2. 26th Oct 2012

    Oh my gosh! I love her so much! I’m glad I’m alone in the office right now because I was laughing hysterically at a few of those – – from the smile with the hat to the super non-excited face! Happy birthday, Ellie! I can’t believe she’s 8 already.

  3. Katie
    29th Oct 2012

    Thank you so much for sharing these! Ellie looks precious in these pics! I especially love the one of her looking “enthused.” And that puppy picture… weren’t they adorable?!? Happy Birthday, sweet Ellie!!

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