52 Project – My Favourite Things

The 52 Project is focused on ‘My Favourite Things,’ this week. The task was described as – to show your pets’ or models’ favourite things. Items that will forever be connected with that pet in your heart and mind. This was extremely easy with regards to Blue. He loves tennis balls, he is obsessed with them and when allowed will hold them for unbelievably long amounts of time, while drooling.

Nashville Pet Photography
Nashville Dog Photography
Tennessee Pet Photography
Ellie on the other hand is a slightly more complex creature. She loves many things – her couch, foods, treats, presents, bones and beds. She decided the most important favourites to show were treats.

Nashville Pet Photographer
One of my personal favourite things is photographing Ellie & Blue with holiday themed items! Happy Belated Easter from the weimies!

Ellie Bunny

Bunny Photographer
Blue Bunny

Bunny Photographer
More favourites are right around the corner starting with San Francisco Bay Area Pet Photographer, Photo Lab Pet Photography. Follow the links until you get back here. Have a great weekend!

  1. 13th Apr 2012

    oh the bunny ears!! love these 🙂

  2. Karla
    13th Apr 2012

    Elegant and lvoely photos.

  3. Sharon Stokes
    13th Apr 2012

    Ellie is so beautiful and regal looking, even with bunny ears on! And Blue, 🙂 Blue makes me smile every time I see him, he look such a character!

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