52 Project – Naughty

Time to get naughty here on the Sweet Silver blog. Before your mind goes to the gutter let me explain – our weekly pick for 52 Project this round was naughty. Although Ellie and Blue look sweet and innocent 99% of the time they partake in their fair share of naughty behavior. I was certain that I could catch some naughty this week without having to stage it. They didn’t let me down. Their current task while Tim and I are at work is to slowly, one piece at a time, pull all the stuffing out of one of the back couch cushions in their room. It’s hard to tell who originally made the hole in the cushion, but I think at this point it is likely a joint effort. If I had to guess I would say Ellie probably formulated the plan and then coerced Blue into actually making the hole, just in case we were watching.

Since I hadn’t purchased Ellie’s Halloween costume prior to finding out this assignment I bought the most appropriate one I could find – the ‘Bad Dog’ prisoner costume. Blue snuck in a few pictures of his own to show off his pilot costume, but his naughty little self wouldn’t keep on the head piece during the photo shoot. Hope you enjoy!

The Naughty Patrol

Nashville Pet Photographer
Blue the camera hog

Nashville Pet Photography
Ellie, Prisoner #103112

Nashville Dog Photographer
Naughty listeners

Nashville Dog Photography
‘I would never be a naughty girl, Mommy. Is that a treat in your hand?’

Middle Tennessee Pet Photographer
Bad Dog

Middle Tennessee Pet Photography
‘I am so ashamed of my naughtiness I cannot even look at you.’

Weimaraner Photography
‘Wait, can I tear this into smaller pieces?’

Weimaraner Photographer
‘Being naughty sure wears a girl out.’

Weim Photography
Take a break, get a piece of Halloween candy, then check out what sort of naughty behavior was caught on the rest of the blog circle starting with Modern Pet Photographer, Dana Cubbage, in Charleston, SC.

  1. 02nd Nov 2012

    Aw, I love their Halloween costumes. The second to last photo is the perfect one for naughty – too funny!

  2. 02nd Nov 2012

    Ha! I love the last one. It’s so important to take a nap after being naughty!!

  3. 02nd Nov 2012

    LOL! The ashamed expression on his ‘bad dog’ self cracked me up….! Love, love, these!

  4. 02nd Nov 2012

    Awwwww, poor Ellie looks so sad in that first photo of her alone . . . .

    Those costumes are just TOO cute!

  5. Sharon
    03rd Nov 2012

    Awesome costumes 🙂 They are both such beautiful dogs.

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