52 Project – Negative Space

Week 24 brought the task of photographing the theme, negative space. Negative space is defined as the space around and between the subject of an image. Of course now that we are moving I finally took the time to explore the property that is behind the fence behind our fence. For reference this is directly behind those trees in last week’s ‘By the Pool‘ photos. Blue and I found a beautiful green space surrounding Christ Church Memorial Gardens. When I find new areas that have been within reach for a long time I like to refer to them as warp zones. You know, similar to the worlds in Super Mario Bros that are hidden just out of your sight. I wish I would have taken the time to venture here before as it was lovely. Blue’s main concern in the gardens was a dog statue he spotted, pointed, lunged and growled at before realized it was not alive. Silly bear.

Blue makes friends with a tree

Blue in the Memorial Gardens

Blue enjoys the last of the sunny day

Take a stroll to the west coast to see what negative space my friend, Spotty Nose Pet Photography in Los Angeles, California, has found! Hope you are enjoying the longer days and warmer weather!

  1. Beautiful! Who would’ve thought Blue could ever look little – but that tree managed! Love the bottom one the most though – the colours and his expression are just perfect

  2. 15th Jun 2013

    These are wonderful – love the bright blue sky and all your compositions!

  3. 15th Jun 2013

    Nice shots and what beautiful models you have!

  4. 16th Jun 2013

    Blue sky, green grass, and an interesting tree trunk – what more could you want?! 🙂 Your Blue looks good in those colours.

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