52 Project – New Technique

This week on for the blog ring our task was to try a new technique. I decided this could be a two-fold assignment – I could try a technique I don’t generally use and get photos for our Christmas cards. My new technique was using studio lights while photographing the dogs inside the house. I have previously tried this once or twice over the last few years, but it’s generally something I avoid. Even after my experiment today I would much, much rather photograph pets in natural light. I think the look of natural light is more my personal style, but I think some cute shots were still captured. Check them out!

Nashville Pet Photographer

Nashville Pet Photography

Christmas Pet Photographer

Christmas Pet Photography

Christmas Dog Photography
Now take a break from your holiday happenings to look around the new techniques my fellow photographers tried this week starting with Photo Lab Pet Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hope you are having a happy holiday season!

  1. 14th Dec 2012

    Awwww, the dogs look fabulous with the tree 🙂

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