52 Project – Noses

This week the chosen topic for the 52 Project is Noses. This is a fan favorite. Everyone loves a cute little puppy nose or in my case a fairly large puppy nose. This week’s model is Miss Ellie. She got the nod as in the past she was very good at the balance trick. Usually this involves balancing a treat on her nose, then throwing it up in the air and (sometimes) catching it. This seemed like the perfect trick to include in the nose assignment. In a moment of sheer clarity I knew the item to be balanced needed to be Sweethearts. An attempt was made to line up five, then four and then we settled for the slightly less time consuming three candy hearts. Ellie did not appear to be pleased with this task as there was no biscuit in sight. Each time I lined them up I stepped back and she would slowly lower her snout so they all slid off. Good thing I bought two boxes. After multiple failed attempts I believe she could read my determination and finally sat still long enough for a few photos. Based on the look in her eyes balancing Sweethearts is equal to or worse than Chinese water torture.

"Sweet Silver Photography"
"Nashville Pet Photography"
The next portion of Ellie’s nose photo session was well received. Truthfully who doesn’t want peanut butter smeared on their face? Exactly as I hoped the peanut butter was followed by a flurry of licking. Nose – check. Peanut Butter – check. Tongue – check. Really what else do you need?

Do I have anything on my face?

"Nashville Pet Photographer"
Did I get it all?

"Sweet Silver Photo"
This is what I think of your nose assignment!

"Dog Photography"
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  1. 10th Feb 2012

    I never thought of sharing pics of my dogs balancing treats (or sweet hearts) on their noses. Love it!

  2. 10th Feb 2012

    What a great Valentine’s Day photo!

  3. 10th Feb 2012

    These are great! Love the last two.

  4. 10th Feb 2012

    Haha, nice! She totally has the look of a dog wearing a costume, where they are looking at you like “ok so I guess I’m the mature one now”. I really like the peanut butter ones, good job!

  5. 10th Feb 2012

    Hahaha!! This one made me laugh out loud! Amazing job! I’m glad to see Miss Ellie got her peanut butter in the end. 🙂 And her ‘sweethearts-on-the-nose’ expressions are priceless!

  6. Sharon Stokes
    10th Feb 2012

    Awesome work Miss Ellie, and Kelly too of course 🙂 Don’t you just love what our dogs will suffer through for us?

  7. Judy
    10th Feb 2012

    Love the valentine candy shots. It’s like she knows she is showing off her doggy obedience skills.

  8. 10th Feb 2012

    Ha!! I LOVE this!!! 🙂

  9. tiffany
    10th Feb 2012

    Miss Ellie was the perfect model!!! Love the sweetheart candy on her nose! She is one talented doggie, just like her creative mom!

  10. David
    11th Feb 2012

    Great photos Kelly! (Nice work Ellie!)

  11. 19th Feb 2012

    LOVE the vertical of Ellie in front of the door – awesome!!! 🙂

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