52 Project – Opposites Attract

It was my week to chose the topic and I thought I would take advantage of my current circumstances with Henry the found, now foster dog with the theme opposites attract. My description was, ‘The opposites can be anything you can think of – colors, types of pets, size of pets, breeds of pet, locations, etc. Either that or you can try to interpret Opposites Attract as the 80’s Paula Abdul song. Extra credit for that option.’ I am really hopeful someone will try out Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract. Enjoy Ellie and Henry at the Agricultural Center!

Rescue Dog Photographer

Rescue Dog Photography

Head to the west coast to what opposites are attracting at Unleashed! pet portraits in Victoria, British Columbia.

  1. 08th Feb 2013

    Oh cute! Talk about opposites – I love the size difference!

  2. 08th Feb 2013

    What lovely expressive dogs you have! I love the first one 🙂

  3. 08th Feb 2013

    They seem to be getting along great! I love the backdrop.

  4. 08th Feb 2013

    Ellie and Henry are so cute together! I love the size difference.

  5. 08th Feb 2013

    I love these! Ellie looks so wise, and Henry is just so darn cute!

  6. 08th Feb 2013

    sweet! I love that background, such a cute couple 🙂

  7. Sharon Stokes
    08th Feb 2013

    What a great pair they make!! Love the location too, awesome shots.

  8. 10th Feb 2013

    Too cute! I’ve always wanted to do a big-dog/little-dog photo session!

  9. 22nd Feb 2013

    These are beautiful! I got a little choked up…..so sweet!

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