52 Project – Over Post Processing

I am proud to say that with this post I have accomplished my first goal with 52 Project this year of participating for half the year without missing a week. I would love to make it the whole year, but with moving, out of state bridal showers and weddings coming up in the next couple months I’m not sure that will be possible. I will certainly give it my best shot!

The topic chosen for Week 26 was over post processing. Stacey (the topic picker) said, ‘many of us strive to make our photos look natural, but for this week, I’d like to you to do the opposite, and go crazy with the post processing. A photo that is pretty obviously edited. Think creative, stylistic or artistic.’ I had the great pleasure to take photos at the taping of a public service announcement for Nashville Pittie with Nashville recording artist, Lauren Winans. The PSA had such a great message and I can’t wait until it’s ready to share! Until then here are some cute Pitties to tide you over.

For comparison I am posting the image straight out of the camera on the left and after extensive post processing on the right. To sum up the post processing – contrast, color, cloning and a heavy grain.

Pittie gets a drink

And two more post processed Pitties! Bella, on the top, was recently adopted and Rosie on the bottom is currently an adopt-a-bull. Contact Nashville Pittie if you are looking for a sweet lady that’s great with kids!

Pitties playing

Hope you enjoyed the ador-a-bull photos! See what other post processing tricks my colleagues had up their sleeves starting with Share The Joy Photography in the San Francisco East Bay. Don’t forget to follow the blog circle around until you get back here!

  1. Julie
    22nd Aug 2013

    That’s actually me in the picture with Bella. Is there any possibility that I could get a digital copy of this picture?

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