52 Project – Personal Work

After a week off due to traveling I came back to find a fantastic assignment – personal work. The Photographer who chose this task described it as something that YOU want to shoot, whether it’s pets, landscape, a still life, a self-portrait, etc. The purpose of this is for you to break out of the habit of feeling like you have to shoot something specific and instead really let your creativity flow. Shoot something that you’ve been wanting to shoot or try something you’ve been wanting to try! I thought about this for a few days and decided that what I wanted this week was to finally get a good photo of Ellie and Blue together. If you hadn’t noticed 95% of all photos of my doggies are one or the other. Trying to get them coordinated to sit together, look and not run after someone exercising is hard work. Their behavior is exactly opposite when I am photographing them and this leads to chaos when trying to get them in the same shot. We headed out to our favorite location, Ellington Agricultural Center, and gave it a whirl. I am pleased with the images, but am also certain I will torture them again soon for more sibling photos.

Multiple Pet Photographer

Multiple Pet Photography

Nashville Dog Photography
Another type of personal work I love is the chance to get a few good photos of friends when I am invited to attend their weddings. We were traveling last week to attend the wedding of one of my husband’s oldest friends in the Finger Lakes. John & Sara hosted a weekend full of fun wedding festivities. We had a great time and wish them nothing but love and happiness as they start their married lives together!

Finger Lakes Photography
Swing around the blog circle to see what my colleagues chose for their personal work starting with California Dog Photographer, Lisa Van Dyke of EDDOG Photography. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

  1. 31st Aug 2012

    Ellie and Blue are so cute. I really like the second one!

  2. 31st Aug 2012

    They are so adorable! I have the same problems getting my two to sit together long enough for a picture. It usually involves a ball, a treat, and a LOT of sweet talk. 🙂

  3. 01st Sep 2012

    GREAT photos of the siblings and of the wedding!

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