52 Project – Reflections

The chosen photo assignment for Week 8 of the 52 Project was Mirrors or Reflections. I was determined to get the photos shot over the weekend and not have to rush putting the post together. The weekend came, it was gross looking and rainy, and the weekend went with no sign of photos being shot. After some discussion about the best reflection/mirror locations I decided to be gutsy and go for a water reflection. Blue and I headed out to our favorite (because it’s close to the house) park, Ellington Agricultural Center. We trekked down to the creek and surveyed our options. There weren’t many that didn’t involve my feet getting wet. At that moment I wished I was not so cheap to have never purchased Wellies. Fortunately, it was exceptionally warm for February so even if my feet were wet I wouldn’t catch pneumonia. After thirty minutes of narrowing down the choices we got wet and dirty in the cold creek water. With a little patience and a little luck we ended up with a few good reflections. Enjoy!

Weimaraner + Water = Reflection
Sweet Silver Photography
Nashville Pet Photography
Nashville Dog Photographer
And for your viewing pleasure some outtakes from the car ride home!

Nashville Pet Photographer
Sweet Silver Photo
Please take a few minutes to travel the blog circle starting with Ann Kearns Photography in Ontario, Canada! Click through to see what everyone’s reflecting one this week until you get back here. Have a great weekend!

  1. 24th Feb 2012

    I really love these photos of Blue and your treatment with them. They have such a cool, vintage, feel to them…gorgeous! The 2nd and the 4th are my favourites. I think I would have to have a nice, big, enlargement of both!

  2. 24th Feb 2012

    The 4th one is too much!!! HAH!!!

  3. 24th Feb 2012

    Your images made me smile!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. 24th Feb 2012

    Nothing makes me smile like a dog poking its head out the car window. 🙂 Hopefully you weren’t driving AND shooting. 😉

  5. 24th Feb 2012

    Fantastic! Blue looks so reagal and majestic! and then I scrolled down to the car outttakes and just about died hahaha, love it!

  6. 24th Feb 2012

    Those water shots are fantastic – they look like silhouettes! The outtakes are just cute!

  7. Sharon Stokes
    26th Feb 2012

    Lovely reflections, just lovely. OH, those crazy car ride eyes have me laughing so loud the kids came to see what was going on!

  8. 02nd Mar 2012

    I just laugh out loud every time I see a classic “Blue” shot! I love him! The posed shots are really cool, too…but I love that you included outtakes!

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