52 Project – Run

Running is the theme for this week’s blog circle. I decided to try my hand at panning where the subject is in focus and the background is blurred. I think I should have tried this with Ellie as she is a much slower subject. Blue had his first trip of the year to the Edwin Warner dog park this past weekend and he was excited. There is nothing Blue likes more than chasing tennis balls at the dog park. Here he is running at top speed to get and then return the tennis ball.

Dogs running at the park

Chasing tennis balls

Kick back, enjoy your coffee and see who else is running this week starting with Sue Collura Studio in Massachusetts. Personally, I thought the theme this week should have been birthday as mine is today!

  1. 22nd Mar 2013

    He looks like he’s having a blast! And it looks like a beautiful dog park!

  2. 22nd Mar 2013

    Wonderful job! Panning is TOUGH!!

  3. 23rd Mar 2013

    we really get the sense of how fast he’s going here, speed demon!

  4. Fantastic experimentation with panning!

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