52 Project – Seasonal Fun

Our task this week was to photograph seasonal fun. Since there are Members of our group in different hemispheres this was to be interpreted for your geographic location. Nashville in January is highly unpredictable. Generally, it’s cold and dreary, but lacking snow (the only element that can make cold and dreary look better). This week has been wet with temperatures hitting 70 by Friday. I almost bailed on the assignment because of the lack of seasonal fun to be had in Music City, but was excited to try out my new camera (!!) so I made it work. Ellie and Blue are displaying the only choice in fun when it’s wet, play inside. Ellie is content laying around inside and playing with her new Christmas toys, but as you can see Blue spends his time looking longingly out the window (while touching me at all times) wishing for spring.

Nashville Pet Photographer
Nashville Pet Photography
Leave me alone so I can chew this dinosaur

Nashville Dog Photographer
Nashville Dog Photography
I am a caged animal

Middle Tennessee Pet Photographer
Middle Tennessee Pet Photography
Take a quick trip around the blog circle and see what other seasons are represented starting with Maryland Pet Photographer, KRS Images. See you soon!

  1. Sharon Stokes
    11th Jan 2013

    oh, poor Blue, stuck inside 😉 I love his caged animal look, he is such a superstar at pulling faces! And Ellie is regal at all times 🙂

  2. 12th Jan 2013

    Oh I love the pouty lip! So cute.

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