52 Project – Second Chance

This week, since it is halfway through the year, (can you believe that?) our assignment was second chance. We could go back through the first 25 weeks and pick any assignment we missed to complete this week. I missed the first four weeks of the year so I went back and chose Week 3, ‘From the hip.’ This task was described as photos that are taken without looking through the viewfinder. This is a method that I use during photo shoots intermingled with taking images framed through the viewfinder. I thought it would be challenging to not use the viewfinder at all during a shoot. Ellie and I headed out to a nearby creek to play and take some photos. Since the high here today was 105 degrees the shady creek was an excellent choice to stay cool. Ellie investigated and I followed her around snapping my shots from the hip. Here are the top three from today.

Nashville Pet Photographer

Nashville Dog Photographer

Nashville Pet Photography
Ok, I lied. I couldn’t resist sneaking in this cute shot of her snouting the water.

Nashville Dog Photography
The blog circle will be full of surprises as everyone gets their second chance. Starting with Photo Lab Pet Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area and clicking through until you see Ellie’s smiling face again. Hope you are staying cool!

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