52 Project – Selective Focus

After a hot 4th of July last week I am back with my next installment of 52 Project. This week our topic is selective focus, or only the subject being in sharp focus. This can be achieved multiple ways, but the way I decided to take my images was with a telephoto lens. I find myself rarely using my longest lenses and that needs to change. I am committing to branching out and using more of my lenses than just my fancy 24-70mm 2.8. After 10 days of over 100 degree temps we are glad to find it cooling off here in Nashville, but I did not appreciate the rain that lasted all day and night when I needed to shoot this assignment. I made due and Blue ended up with a wet butt. Check him out!

Blue looking horrified because I was making him sit in the puddles on the deck

Nashville Dog Photographer
Blue looking cute waiting for his reward treat

Nashville Dog Photography
In a side note didn’t Tim do great on pool maintenance this year! During the winter it looked more like a bog than a pool. Check out the focus of the rest of the blog circle starting with Photo Lab Pet Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. 13th Jul 2012

    I love Blue’s horrified look! He’s such a great model.

  2. Oh, your Blue is just so gorgeous! His expression in the second shot is priceless! What a sweetheart! The first image is fantastic as well! I absolutely love the bright colors and the wonderful lines.

  3. Sharon Hardy
    13th Jul 2012

    I love Blue’s face! Great job capturing both his horror and joy!

  4. 13th Jul 2012

    i just love how expressive his face is hahaha!

  5. 13th Jul 2012

    His expression in the first one is just priceless! And you can definitely tell he’s waiting for his treat in the second one.

  6. 13th Jul 2012

    His “horrified” look is priceless!

  7. tiffany
    14th Jul 2012

    I just LOVE Blue!

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