52 Project – Shadows

Week 3 of 52 Project is focused on shadows. This is not a subject I frequently photograph and it made for a fun, silly photo shoot with Blue in the dark. As it turns out it’s very hard for him to see tiny treats in the dark so a lot of slobber ends up on your fingers. Enjoy!

Blue likes the dark

Head north to New Haven, Connecticut to see what shadows Kathryn Schauer Photography found this week. Follow the blog circle back to a spooky Blue to see all the shadows this week. See you soon!

  1. Haha scary Blue! Love them 🙂

  2. 17th Jan 2014

    oh love it very moody

  3. Karen
    17th Jan 2014

    The last photo of Blue reminds me of telling ghost stories around the campfire. And the blue haze against Blue’s shadow is awesome.

  4. 17th Jan 2014

    That last one is so moody! Greatness!

  5. 17th Jan 2014

    What a hoot! Love these!

  6. 18th Jan 2014

    This made me smile! thank you!

  7. Pavlina
    18th Jan 2014

    Love the use of dramatic light! Well done!

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