52 Project – Shoes

The task at hand this week was to photograph pets and shoes. At first I thought this would be extremely difficult, but then Tim helped me come up with a plan and I was pumped. I tried to execute the plan and realized I was on the money when I thought it would be extremely difficult. This is Blue as Richard Simmons (slowly undressing). I am pretty disappointed that his sweatband isn’t more pronounced. The sweatband and this location will definitely be back in another shoot.

Nashville Dog Photographer

See what the other creative minds in the blog circle came up with this week starting with Denver, Colorado Pet Photographer Deanna Hurt from StinkDog Photos.

  1. 01st Mar 2013

    Hehehehehe I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pup more unimpressed! This is very cute and Blue must be so patient (or just love you loads!!!)

    • admin
      01st Mar 2013

      I think it was a combo of patience and love. He didn’t mind the clothes at all, but when the shoes came into play he acted as though I was stuffing his feet into radioactive glass shards. Poor guy – he did get lots of treats for his work.

  2. 01st Mar 2013

    OMG! Hilarious!

  3. Karen Ramos
    01st Mar 2013

    Those photos made me smile. Great job!

  4. 01st Mar 2013

    Blue looks so thrilled in that last one! Haha!! And I love these stairs. Where is this?

    • admin
      01st Mar 2013

      He was anything other than thrilled with the shoes. That location is at the end of Belle Meade Boulevard in Belle Meade.

  5. 01st Mar 2013

    Haha! He looks very stoic. That is a great location!

  6. 01st Mar 2013

    The expressions this week are fabulous! What a lot of patient pets we have…

  7. Sharon Stokes
    01st Mar 2013

    great work – I think this might be the first time that I have not seen Blue looking all goofy happy – but he still makes me laugh 🙂

  8. 01st Mar 2013

    I am so impressed! The setting, the concept and the execution. Loved them all!

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