52 Project – Spotlight

For this weekly installment of the 52 Project Raleigh Pet Photographer, Tara Lynn, picked the theme spotlight and described it as using light to define the focus of your image. I had a relatively hard time deciding on a game plan for this assignment, but am quite happy with how the images turned out. The spotlight is on Ellie!

Black and white pet photography

See who else is in the spotlight this week starting with Sue Collura Studio in Massachusetts. Have a great weekend!

  1. Oh, such contentment on her face. Love the top one.

  2. 12th Apr 2013

    Nice job! I love the bottom right especially. And looks great in BW!

  3. 12th Apr 2013

    These are absolutely stunning! That first one must make your heart swoon, Ellie looks so peaceful!

  4. 12th Apr 2013

    Aw, love these! So cute, nice work!

  5. Darci
    12th Apr 2013

    How cute! The pictures turned out great for having a hard time on a game plan. Love those eyes looking at you in the bottom left.

  6. 12th Apr 2013

    I love these in black and white!

  7. 12th Apr 2013

    Nice interpretation of the theme. No question what these photos are about!

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