52 Project – Sun Flare

This Friday our task at hand was to photograph sun flare. This was a good challenge for me as using sun flare is not generally my style. I had a shoot lined up that fell through so my boy Blue jumped in to help me out (or earn treats, it’s hard to tell). Enjoy!

Nashville Dog Photographer
This group has really kept me accountable for getting out there and trying new things and posting new work. If I was left to my own devices I would have definitely skipped out this week, but knowing other people were counting on me to participate pushed me to get it done. Thanks 52 Project!

Go see where else it was sunny this week starting with Charleston Pet Photographer, Dana Cubbage! Check out all the sun until you arrive back here to sunny Nashville. See you soon!

  1. Sharon Stokes
    08th Jun 2012

    Beautiful light captured! Blue always manages to make me laugh with his expressions, he is such a character 🙂

  2. 08th Jun 2012

    Love the sun in this image Kelly!! Nice work! 🙂

  3. 08th Jun 2012

    I laugh out loud every time I see a picture of Blue. He just looks so crazy! What a great dog you guys have raised him to be. Oh, and the sun flare is cool too!

  4. 08th Jun 2012

    The flare running across Blue’s chest is just gorgeous! Great work!

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