52 Project – Sweet Seniors

It was my turn to pick the theme for 52 Project this week. I tried my best to come up with something we hadn’t done in the last two years, which takes some creativity. I decided that we haven’t seen nearly enough adorable senior pets so I went with ‘Sweet Seniors.’ My lovely model, Rucca, is a 12 1/2 year old Lab Husky mix. She loves to eat, lay around, bark/whine and occasionally wrestle with her Schnauzer sister Layla. Her interest level in doing what I wanted was pretty minimal. Fortunately the bag of treats sparked her cooperation. Rucca’s owner runs a delicious bakery in Franklin, Sweet Natured Treats, maybe she gets her love of treats from her? Isn’t she beautiful!

Rucca poses

Rucca lays around

Take some time to see what other sweet seniors were photographed this week starting with Boston Dog Photographer, Blue Amrich. See you soon!

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