52 Project – Tails

Week 7 is focused on tails. This seemed relatively easy as my dogs have tails. As it turned out when I am holding the camera and treats they cannot understand why I would not want them to look at me and sit. I finally got them interested in some things in the yard and then tricked them into looking out the front door with their food bowls. Blue has a very active tail that wags most all of the time, even when he is getting in trouble. Ellie, on the other hand, is very particular about what gets the tail nod from her. Mainly hers arrives at food/treat time and when you are talking to her. Since Weimaraner tails are docked when they are puppies this post should likely be called tails with a side of butts. Warning there may be graphic Weimaraner booty content ahead.

Weimaraner tails

See what other types of tails are represented on the blog circle this week starting with Bonnie Grower Photography in Annapolis Maryland. Happy Valentine’s Day! You can see last year’s Valentine’s post featuring Henry Chihuahua here!

  1. Karen
    14th Feb 2014

    Love the booty shots – ha ha ha.

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