52 Project – The Colors of Spring

Spring has sprung. Although I think it officially sprung about a month ago in Nashville, this week’s task for the 52 Project was to incorporate spring colors into our photos. I was pleased to see that the Iris Garden at Ellington Agricultural Center was in full bloom this week. Blue and I spent the better part of the morning enjoying the flowers and checking out the scenery. While we were there we saw a wedding and twin babies also having a photo shoot. The photographer who was shooting the babies (taken out of context that sounds very wrong) complimented Blue on what a good listener he was and told him she had never seen a dog sit so still for so many photos. We thanked her for the compliment and then tried to determine if she just hadn’t seen a lot of dogs getting photos taken or if Blue really is the (almost) perfect little model. He’s pretty close. Without further ado here is Blue in the midst of Nashville’s Spring Colors!

Nashville Dog Photos

Nashville Dog Photography

Weimaraner Photography

Tennessee Pet Photographer

Flowers Only

Tennessee Pet Photography
Outtake – I’ll be watching you

Nashville Pet Photos
See what the spring colors look in Texas with San Antonio Pet Photographer, Scott Robinson. Take a minute to stroll the blog ring and see spring colors all over the world. When you get back here, then you can go get a snack. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Sharon Stokes
    27th Apr 2012

    The Agricultural Centre looks like such a lovely place to be able to go for a walk, your lucky to be able to take dogs in there. Beautiful colours and beautiful Blue too 🙂

  2. 27th Apr 2012

    Beautiful flowers. That last one is funny 🙂

  3. 27th Apr 2012

    What a beautiful garden! The perfect background to show off how handsome Blue is.

  4. 28th Apr 2012

    Awesome photos of handsome Mr. Blue! I’m going to go with him being the best little model ever . . . take the praise! Well-behaved dogs really are few and far between in some places, so seeing a good dog is like a breath of fresh air.

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