52 Project – The Kitchen

We were tasked with photographing our furry friends in the kitchen this week for 52 Project. Ellie and Blue love the kitchen, but generally are not supposed to be in there….especially when we are cooking. We bent the rules and they showed off their intense focus on treats and dinner in the kitchen. Bone Appetit!

Ellie and Blue love kitchens

Blue says, ‘hey Dad, I think Ellie got more food than I did.’

Ellie got more food

See what everyone else has cooking this week starting with Abbeygail Elaine Photography in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Hope to see you back next week.

  1. Pavlina
    08th Nov 2013

    Love the tension in the last photo. Wait for the command, wait…. hmmm what is in that bowl. Great story!

  2. Karen Ramos
    08th Nov 2013

    Blue’s face is priceless in the last photo. Counting down the seconds to eat his dinner.

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