52 Project – The More the Merrier

It was my week to chose the topic. I decided to go for the gusto and picked ‘The More the Merrier.’ My description was that photos for this week should include more than 1 pet. I wanted to pick something that would be challenging for me as well as the other Members. I am stepping out of my comfortable box (which houses Ellie and Blue) and going to go for a month of blog posts featuring other dog and cat models. This week the beautiful girls below are Crosbee, Brooklyn and Queens. They were full of energy during our photo shoot and had fun playing near their house.

Queens (with a little Brooklyn in the background)

Franklin Pet Photographer
Queens & Brooklyn

Franklin Dog Photography
Queens & Brooklyn

Franklin Dog Photographer
Queens & Brooklyn

Franklin Pet Photography
Queens & Crosbee (ok, so I cheated a little on this one)

Franklin Family Photographer
Saved the best for last! This is my favorite!

Franklin Pet and People Photography
Take a few minutes to see how many other furry friends 52 Project Members photographed this week starting with Central Coast Pet Photographer, Sharon Stokes. Happy Friday!

  1. 18th May 2012

    Super cute images of them! Black dogs are so hard to photograph and you did it so well 🙂 Beautiful job!

  2. 18th May 2012


  3. 18th May 2012

    Love the names! Wonderful job on this set!

  4. 18th May 2012

    my heart is so swollen right now haha, i am partial to black labs. the lighting looks beautiful on their coats and eyes and that last image with the baby is fantastic!

  5. Sharon Stokes
    18th May 2012

    Beautiful dogs, beautiful child, beautiful images. Well done, you got it all right, I’m sure their parents will be thrilled.

  6. tiffany
    18th May 2012


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