52 Project-Through Their Eyes

This week we were tasked with photographing to represent how our pet sees the world so to give you the low down Blue will be narrating the rest of this post.

Today was an exciting day because it’s my birthday (or at least Mommy and Daddy think it is since some of my original paperwork said July 31st and some said July 1st)! I am 8! I love birthdays because there are always presents and tasty treats. Sometimes I have a party and my friends come over, like on my 6th birthday, which you can read about here, but today it was just my family. I love my big sister, Ellie, but she can be pretty bossy and she thinks all presents are for her. She tried to snatch one of my gifts right out of Daddy’s hands (see that wrapping paper in her mouth), then once Daddy set them on the deck she just stole one, opened it and started checking it out like it was hers.

Ellie steals the birthday

Mommy and Daddy helped me get it back. I was so excited to start chewing on my new antler that I didn’t even care if Ellie opened my other presents and ripped a giant hole in my box if treats. I think I made out pretty well with my new collar, new antler, box of treats and special treats from the store. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Blue's 8th birthday

Check out what all my friends in the blog circle saw this week starting with Khanya Photography, Dutchess County, NY Pet Photography. Happy August!

  1. 01st Aug 2014

    Such a fun idea and story! Great shots. It looks like everyone had a great time at the party 🙂

  2. 06th Aug 2014

    I love these images and the narrative! Great post/

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